Real Estate Brokers Association of BC


We believe there is a need for a collective voice to represent the needs and concerns of real estate companies throughout the Province of BC at all levels of our industry.

- Real Estate Council rules and regulations
- BCREA matters including the education requirements
- Real Estate Board issues including rules and regulations

To achieve this, we are working together in a cohesive manner that represents our collective interest. Just look at our member list to see that we are a representational cross section of most major real estate companies in British Columbia. In the past, changes have been made without consultation with Owner/Brokers as a group. These changes often impact our operations without us having had a chance to speak to them. We want to take a proactive position in making recommendations to the various industry organizations before the changes are made. We want to be able to provide input which will benefit all of us as Owner/Brokers.

A good example of this is the recent proposal we made to the Real Estate Council regarding the Financial Reporting Requirements under the Real Estate Services Act. They responded to our request by reviewing and considering changes which we should now see beginning in 2009. This is a direct result of REBA members who reviewed the current requirements and then, with the assistance of accountants, were able to develop recommendations which quickly resulted in positive actions from the Real Estate Council of BC.

We plan to continue to work together for the mutual benefit of Owner/Brokers throughout the Province. We are committed to working with our local Boards, BCREA, REIBC, CREA, Real Estate Council of BC, the Superintendent of Real Estate in BC, and all levels of government in order to achieve these ends.


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